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Making a success of your community energy scheme

As the experts in community heating, we’ll take the very best care of you and your residents.

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Blog: Community Heating, Metering and Billing, Pay-As-You-Go Energy

Read our blog to discover the latest news and insights in community heating.

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ENER-G Switch2

Considering Community Heating?

Make sure you ask for our expert advice. We’ll help you to choose a scheme that delivers only the energy you need – at just the right price.

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Looking for a new community energy scheme?

Make sure you get our expert advice from the start. We offer unique end-to-end solutions, from design & specification to funding, metering & billing.

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Do you need to get more from your existing scheme?

We can transform your community heating scheme by optimising your energy efficiency, your metering & billing, and your profitability.

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